Scholarships and Grants

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

Palmetto Fellows may receive up to $6,700 their freshman year and up to $7,500 for their sophomore, junior and senior years.

LIFE Scholarship

Up to $5,000 each academic year toward the cost of attendance at an eligible four-year institution in SC (must not be recipients of the Palmetto, SC HOPE, or Lottery within same academic year).

SC HOPE Scholarship

Up to $2,800 toward the cost of attendance (must not be recipients of Palmetto, LIFE, or Lottery same academic year).

Lottery Tuition Assistance

Award amounts are dependent upon the number of students eligible and funding available for eligible SC two-year public or independent institutions.

SC Need-based Grant

Up to $2,500 per year if enrolled full-time or up to $1,250 per year part-time.

Florence Nelson Scholarship-International Reading Association

$1,000 scholarships for student members of the South Carolina State Council of the International Reading Association (SCIRA)

South Carolinas Council of Teachers of Mathematics

$1,500 annually to a teacher pursuing an advanced degree in mathematics, mathematics education, or elementary education with an emphasis in mathematics.

Teaching Fellows

Up to $24,000 ($6,000 a year for four years) available to 200 high school seniors who have exhibited high academic achievement at a Teaching Fellows Institution. Graduates agree to teach in a South Carolina public school one year for every year they receive the fellowship.

Central Carolina Community Foundation

Awards range from $400 to the full cost of tuition, room and board, and fees. The Foundation manages 44 scholarship funds, each with its own specific purpose and eligibility criteria based on the donor’s recommendations.

TEACH grants

The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program provides funds to students who are enrolled in a TEACH Grant-eligible program of study, at a school that participates in the TEACH Grant Program.

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